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A sustainable solution

More and more manufacturers, architects and designers are challenged to provide environmentally friendly materials (including flooring) which offer long term and cost effective solutions. This means that life cycle costing of materials is becoming increasingly important. Many studies support the view that ceramic flooring is the most economical and environmentally friendly solution over a lifespan of 50 years.


There is a social and legal responsibility for companies to protect their workers and the public from slips, trips and falls. An accident, no matter how small, can damage a corporate reputation. Dorset Woolliscroft can provide reliable slip resistant tiles in a range of commercial settings to enable enterprises to focus on their core functions.


Increasing costs of insurance and loss of productivity due to workforce absence are strongly linked to accidents in the workplace .  If chosen for the right application,  Dorset Woolliscroft tiles can not only help reduce the risks of accidents,  but will also have a longer lifespan than comparable flooring solutions with associated reductions in maintenance and cleaning costs.


Dorset Woolliscroft tiles are 100% recyclable, free from VOCs and contain no notifiable substances. This makes them ideal for projects striving for a high BREEAM Rating.  Being fully vitrified (low water and chemical absorption rates), strong cleaning chemicals (which may be harmful to the environment) become unnecessary.  Dorset Woolliscroft tiles are also non-combustible which makes them highly suitable for use in areas of emergency walkways.