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smooth matt finish

148 x 148 x 9mm • 44pcs/20 kg per m2

300 x 300 x 9mm • 11pcs/20 kg per m2

FLAT STEEL GREY, FLAT DARK GREY 300mm and custom skirting in FLAT DARK GREY
Technical sheet

A versatile smooth surfaced tile in 2 sizes and 7 colours, which is easy to keep clean.

  • Light catering areas with high traffic such as snack bars, cafés, pubs, bars and restaurants (front of house)
  • Industrial and retail areas such as shops and workshops
  • Residential settings like kitchens and hallways
  • Flat tiles are fully vitrified and are suitable for external use, including floors (shod areas only) or on walls
  • Attractive and practical for external cladding
  • Steel Grey

    148 x 148 DW-FLSGR1515

    300 x 300 DW-FLSGR3030

  • Dark Grey

    148 x 148 DW-FLDGR1515

    300 x 300 DW-FLDGR3030

  • Quartz

    148 x 148 DW-FLQUZ1515

    300 x 300 DW-FLQUZ3030

  • Stone

    148 x 148 DW-FLSTO1515

  • White

    148 x 148 DW-FLWHT1515

  • Red

    148 x 148 DW-FLRED1515

  • Black

    148 x 148 DW-FLBLK1515

Reaction to fire - EN14411 Annex ZA:
Wall installation A1 / Floor installation A1FL


148 x 148 x 9mm

300 x 300 x 9mm

Surface Detail

WHITE, RED & BLACK are solid colours.

STONE, QUARTZ STEEL GREY & DARK GREY have a flecked effect.


Round-edge options and co-ordinating fittings availability. See fittings for further details. 

Technical Characteristics

Shod Dry
(4S96 dry)
Shod Wet
(4S96 wet)
Barefoot Wet
(TRRL wet)
Ramp Test
n/a 53 37 n/a R10 A

Fully Vitrified Dust Pressed Tiles - Annex G, Group Bla

Standard Requirement Typical Test Value
148 x 148 x 9mm 300 x 300 x 9mm
Length & Width EN ISO 10545-2 +/- 0.9 mm +/- 0.6% max +/- 2.0 mm Conforms
Thickness +/- 0.5 mm +/- 5.0% max +/- 0.5 mm Conforms
Straightness of Sides +/- 0.75 mm +/- 0.5% max +/- 1.5 mm Conforms
Rectangularity +/- 0.75 mm +/- 0.5% max +/- 2.0 mm Conforms
Surface Flatness: A-B-C +/- 0.75 mm +/- 0.5% max +/- 2.0 mm Conforms
Surface Quality A minimum of 95% of the tiles will be free from visible defects Conforms
Water Absorption % by Mass EN ISO 10545-3 < 0.5% Group Bla Fully Vitrified
Breaking Strength ≥7.5mm EN ISO 10545-4 >1300N Conforms 3583N
Modulus of Rupture EN ISO 10545-4 N/mm2 N Minimum 35 N/mm2
Individual minimum 32
Resistant to Deep Abrasion of Unglazed Tiles EN ISO 10545-6 Maximum 175vmm3 Between 19.8mm / 65vmm3 and 23.4mm / 108vmm3
Thermal Shock Resistance EN ISO 10545-9 Cycled 10 times between temperature of 15o & 145o C Fully Resistant
Frost Resistance EN ISO 10545-12 100 Freeze Thaw Cycles No Damage
Resistance to Household Chemicals and Swimming Pool Salts EN ISO 10545-13 Minumum UB UA No Visible Effects
Low Acids & Alkali ULA No Visible Effects
High Acids & Alkali UHA No Visible Effects
Surface Hardness
MOHS UNE 67-101-92-2012
>6 >6
Reaction to Fire
EM14411 Annex ZA, classified without testing (CWT)
93/68/EEC When installed on walls A1
When installed on floors A1FL
Non combustible
Recycled Content Pre Consumer 4% Post Consumer 100%
Environmental Products do not contain VOCs

Architects, specifiers and design professionals:

For further information, advice or guidance on choosing Dorset Woolliscroft products please contact us

FLAT STEEL GREY, FLAT DARK GREY 300mm and custom skirting in FLAT DARK GREY

FLAT STEEL GREY, FLAT DARK GREY 300mm and custom skirting in FLAT DARK GREY