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Created to complement the Dorset Woolliscroft range. Fittings are key to achieving the perfect finish and getting optimum levels of performance from the installation.

Round Edge Tiles

  • RE Provides safe, ergonomic edges to shelves, window ledges and recesses
  • REX provides smooth finish on surface corners
  • RE can be used vertically as a skirting tile or as a finishing piece on any installation
  • Available in 7 colours


  • Provides a smart, fully integrated finish
  • Reduces 'dirt traps' in corners and at wall and floor transitions
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Protects walls from footwear scruffs and potential damage from cleaning equipment
  • Can be surface mounted over floor tiles or flush mounted with wall and floor tiles
  • Available in 7 colours

Pool Grip

  • Ergonomic finger-grip profile
  • Available in BLACK and WHITE for maximum visual contrast

Step Tread

  • 12mm thick for extra durability
  • Grooved profile for grip
  • Bullnosed edge for comfort and safety
  • Provides visual warning of surface edges
  • Suitable for use as a pool grip
  • Available in WHITE, BLACK, DARK GREY and QUARTZ – use in contrast to floor tiles for high visibility


  • Ergonomic 'foot friendly' form factor
  • Effective drainage
  • Available in DARK GREY and QUARTZ – to blend or contrast with the main floor tile

Architects, speicifers and design professionals:

For further information, advice or guidance on choosing Dorset Woolliscroft products please contact us