lightly rippled finish

300 x 300 x 9mm • 11pcs/20 kg per m2

TEXTURED STEEL GREY 300mm at Bernaville Nursery

A multipurpose 300 x 300mm tile in 3 contemporary and co-ordinating colours that has good slip resistant qualities. Its subtle texture is easy to maintain and keep clean and ensures its suitability for the following locations and more:

  • Retail – inside and outside shops, garden centres, on walkways and concourses
  • Transport hubs – ticket halls, fast food outlets, public toilets, walkways and entrances
  • Catering – front of house and food preparation areas
  • Manufacturing – workshops, warehouses, locker rooms
  • Leisure – reception areas, corridors, changing rooms, toilets and showers
  • Network Rail approved

See LunaPinheadMultidisc and Tetra for more tiles suitable for wet areas (shod and barefoot)

  • Steel Grey

    300 x 300 DW-TXSGR3030

  • Dark Grey

    300 x 300 DW-TXDGR3030

  • Quartz

    300 x 300 DW-TXQUZ3030

Reaction to fire - EN14411 Annex ZA:
Wall installation A1 / Floor installation A1FL



148 x 148 x 9mm

300 x 300 x 9mm

Surface Detail

Technical Characteristics

Shod Dry
(4596 day)
Shod Wet
(4S96 wet)
Barefoot Wet
(TRRL wet)
Ramp Test
n/a 56 47 47 R11 B

Fully Vitrified Dust Pressed Tiles - Annex G, Group Bla

Standard Requirement Typical Test Value
300 x 300 x 9mm
Length & Width EN ISO 10545-2 +/- 0.6% max +/- 2.0 mm Conforms
Thickness +/- 5.0% max +/- 0.5 mm Conforms
Straightness of Sides +/- 0.5% max +/- 1.5 mm Conforms
Rectangularity +/- 0.5% max +/- 2.0 mm Conforms
Surface Flatness: A-B-C +/- 0.5% max +/- 2.0 mm Conforms
Surface Quality A minimum of 95% of the tiles will be free from visible defects Conforms
Water Absorption % by Mass EN ISO 10545-3 < 0.5% Group Bla Fully Vitrified
Breaking Strength ≥7.5mm EN ISO 10545-4 >1300N Conforms 3583N
Modulus of Rupture EN ISO 10545-4 N/mm2 N Minimum 35 N/mm2
Individual minimum 32
Resistant to Deep Abrasion of Unglazed Tiles EN ISO 10545-6 Maximum 175vmm3 Between 23.2mm / 118vmm3 and 26.5mm / 156vmm3
Thermal Shock Resistance EN ISO 10545-9 Cycled 10 times between temperature of 15o & 145o C Fully Resistant
Frost Resistance EN ISO 10545-12 100 Freeze Thaw Cycles No Damage
Resistance to Household Chemicals and Swimming Pool Salts EN ISO 10545-13 Minumum UB UA No Visible Effects
Low Acids & Alkali ULA No Visible Effects
High Acids & Alkali UHA No Visible Effects
Surface Hardness
MOHS UNE 67-101-92-2012
>6 >6
Reaction to Fire
EM14411 Annex ZA, classified without testing (CWT)
93/68/EEC When installed on walls A1
When installed on floors A1FL
Non combustible
Recycled Content Pre Consumer 4% Post Consumer 100%
Environmental Products do not contain VOCs

Architects, specifiers and design professionals:

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TEXTURED STEEL GREY 300mm at Bernaville Nursery

TEXTURED STEEL GREY 300mm at Bernaville Nursery