A long history of tile making - Tiles

Carter & Co tile makers, established in 1873, later become Poole Pottery in the 1920s. It became part of Pilkington’s Tiles in 1964. Meanwhile, in Staffordshire, George Woolliscroft & Son started making tiles in around 1884, concentrating on floor tiles from 1910. In 2000 Pilkington’s Tiles took the company over and the floor tile range became Dorset Woolliscroft, a bringing together of two names which had symbolised high quality, hard wearing porcelain tiling.

New beginnings - Tiles

The Dorset Woolliscroft brand was acquired from Pilkington’s Tiles by Original Style in 2010 – we have now given it a new lease of life which should ensure its continuation and success for many more decades.

Future proof solutions – life cycle cost and sustainability

Life cycle costing is becoming increasingly important as manufacturers, architects and designers are challenged to provide and specify total cost-effective materials and solutions. Life cycle costing calculates the cost of a product over its whole lifespan, including owning, operating, maintaining, repairing, recycling and disposing. Dorset Woolliscroft fully vitrified floor tiles are Class A (A = lower overall environmental impact) and many studies support the view that porcelain tiling is the most economical flooring solution over a lifespan of 50 years.

Dorset Woolliscroft – your safest choice in floor tiles